Proposal for rezoning 112 Waimairi Road, Ilam

The site at 112 Waimairi Road, currently zoned ‘Residential Suburban Density Transition Zone’, is proposed for rezoning to ‘Specific Purpose (Tertiary Education) Zone’

The rezoning allows for additional activities such as education, research, or related activities. This could include
student accommodation, car parking, or more public access, which would allow more flexibility and certainty for the University of Canterbury.

This proposal was notified on Wednesday 29 June 2016, submissions close on Wednesday 10 August 2016.

Want to find out more or have a question?

There will be a drop in session where you can talk with a planner to find out how your property could be affected by this proposal.

Wednesday 13 July
Waimairi Road Community Centre
166 Waimairi Road, Illam

You can phone the Council at 941 8999 and ask to speak to a district plan review planner, or send an email to

>Information sheet on rezoning 112 Waimairi Road 
>Submission form
>Submission guidelines 

The proposal

Proposal for rezoning of 112 Waimairi Road, Ilam from Residential Suburban Density Transition Zone to Specific Purpose (Tertiary Education) Zone.

Section 32 Report

>Additional Proposal for rezoning 112 Waimairi Road



Submissions closed on Wednesday 10 August 2016 and are listed below.

Summary of submissions

Submission number and name 
W1     Jack Elder Properties Limited
W2 Andrew William Southen and Gillian Ainsley Southen     
W3 Ilam and Upper Riccarton Residents' Association
W4 Richard English
W5 University of Canterbury
W6 Giam She Ting
W7 Janine Kay Wattie
W8 Brian Percival Fifield