The Proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan

The Christchurch City Plan and the Banks Peninsula District Plan have been reviewed under provisions of the Canterbury Earthquake (Christchurch Replacement District Plan) Order 2014.


Proposals for a new plan were prepared and notified in three stages in 2014 and 2015 and hearings and decisions on these proposals have been completed by the Independent Hearings Panel.

View proposals as notified and planning maps

Planning maps for the proposed plan show the zonings that were notified and do not reflect any changes made to zonings or other features by decisions of the Independent Hearings Panel. 

For current zoning and features affecting particular properties, refer to the planning map and property search of the Operative Plan. 

Additional proposals

The Independent Hearings Panel directed the Council to prepare some proposals additional to those notified in 2014 and 2015.  These proposals, the submissions and decisions made on them are located under additional proposals.


View the submissions made on the proposals notified in stages one, two and three.


Information and documents relating to each hearing conducted by the Independent Hearings Panel can be found on


Decisions made by the Independent Hearings Panel

Full decisions table