Stage Two Content and Support Material

Stage two proposals included:  introduction, rural, open space, papakainga zone, utilities energy & infrastructure. specific purpose zone and further parts of residential, commercial, industrial, general; rules and procedures, transport, subdivision, development & earthworks, hazardous substances and contaminated land, residential, commercial, industrial, definitions and designations.

Issues sheets were produced on quarrying (part of the rural chapter) and character areas (part of the residential chapter). These issues sheets were prepared before the proposals were notified and therefore their content may differ from what was notified. A later information sheet on character areas gave more detail on the differences between the old special amenity areas (SAMs) and the new character areas, and also the differences between category one and category two character areas.

Quarrying issues sheet
Character Areas (SAMs) issues sheet
Character Areas (SAMS) issue sheet #2

Stage two information sheets:

New Brighton
Open Space
Subdivision, Development and Earthworks
Specific Purpose

Stage two household newsletter