The Proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan

The Christchurch City Plan and the Banks Peninsula District Plan are under review. The end result will be the Christchurch District Plan - covering both the City and Banks Peninsula.

Staged approach to review

The review is being done in stages.  Submissions and further submissions on stages one, two and three proposals have now closed.

Additional proposals

Proposals notified outside the three stages of the review are located under additional proposals.

This includes a new proposal for rezoning 112 Waimairi Road, Ilam. This proposal is now open for submissions until 10 August 2016. The proposal for deeming provisions for zoning for new and stopped roads outside the Central City is now open for submssions until 31 August 2016.


Coastal Marine Area - change

Planning maps 33 and 34 of the proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan have been amended following changes by the Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration under section 27 of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011.

The amendments apply to the location of the Avon River Mouth and the Coastal Marine Area Boundary to respond to the change in estuary dynamics as a result of land subsidence following the Canterbury earthquake sequence.

The map changes are effective from 16 April 2016. 

View decisions

As decisions are made by the Independent Hearings Panel and become operative, they are included in the new Christchurch District Plan.

How will you be affected by the District Plan Review?

Use the property search to see what zones, overlays (including natural hazard overlays) or designations are proposed relating to your property, then go to the relevant chapter to find out more about the proposed objectives, policies and rules that will apply to your property.

There is a short video showing how to use the online property search.

Another way to find out more about how your property is affected is to go straight to the planning maps to see what zones, overlays or designations are proposed for the area you are interested in.


> Use the property search
> View short videos that will help you use the plan, find out more and make a submission
> Go straight to the planning maps